How should I ask my girlfriend to marry me (what way or method, etc..)? Girls do you have any preference?

I can give you a little bit of information. My and my girldriend this winter are going to a winter resort. I plan on asking her to marrry me then. I have no clue how or when to do it. I was thinking maybe near the huge fireplace or on a mountain top. I hate being corny but i know she loves romantic stuff.

Do you girls have a prefence on how to be asked? I hate this kind of stuff so that is why i'am asking lol.


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  • Well, does she like attention or no? That's a big factor. If she doesn't, I'd find a romantic spot that isn't as central as the fireplace because a proposal in front of the main fireplace in a resort is DEFINITELY going to draw attention.

    The suggestion to propose outside under the night sky is a good one I think. Maybe get her some hot cocoa and tell her you want to go look at the stars or something, hug her, and then do the bent knee thing. We're suckers for that. My hubby proposed on one knee under a tree and I practically melted. I'd also add, you don't need a "Speech" but I'd say something nice before you ask. My hubby just said "I love you so much and I want to be with you forever" and then got on one knee. It was perfect.

    • She doesn't mind attention.

      that's a good idea. I can do that with the night sky. i hate being corny but my girlfriend loves that type of stuff

    • Haha, just suck it up, she'll appreciate it and brag about you for forever, trust me, I know. It's worth it. :) Good luck!!!

    • i guess i can do that

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  • Well I wouldn't know, but maybe I would suggest something simple but enjoyable that evening, a nice day at home, then taking her out to the beautiful night sky, and asking!


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  • Yessss do it. By the fireplace. Just casually talk. Then stand up kiss her get on one knee and pop the question

    • Well if i do do that, then there can't be other people cause i don't want to attract attention you know lol

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    • lmao ok

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