Will my ex come back to me? Does he actually love me and wants to be with me?

My boyfriend is a 21 year old guy. He was in relationship earlier for 6 months. Initially when he proposed me I dint want to get in a relationship with him however being with him for a year made me fell in love with him. Now after 2 years of the relationship, he broke up with me. I understand though that I did not understood his feelings earlier but I did everything to keep him happy. He broke up with me saying that I did not love him when he loved me and reminds of all the things that I did to him like slapping him, denying when he wanted to drop me home, etc. But now I can't live without him. I really love him and want him back. It has been a month since we broke up, I tried to call him but he asked me not to call him or text him. My life has become very sad since he has gone. I have not been to office since then. I had left all my friends for him because he did not like my set of friends. Now I do not know what to do...Please help me what to do now.


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  • Nope, he won't


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