What does it mean to be a maid of honor?

My best friend is getting engaged. She is going to ask me to be her maid of honor. I can not stand her boyfriend. I do not agree with the marriage. He is dominant and obsessive. But she is blindly in love and I am happy that she is happy - although I think he will break her heart. Would you say yes to being someone's maid of honor even though you did not agree with the wedding? Can you stand there by your friend and pretend to be happy even though you do not think the person they are marrying is the best? Same situation for you guys - if you were a best man and did not like your buddy's girl?


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  • Speak now or forever hold youe peace.

    Tell her about it and give evidence of why you believe that about him. If she doesn't listen to you, still support her. If things don't work out, you can always say "I told you so."


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  • I think it's normal that a guy get obsessive about the women they love and most guys are dominant by nature... there must be something else causing you to believe he'll break her heart?

    I would stand by what ever choice my friends make when it comes to who they love. But I would tell them what I thought of their partner.


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  • shes your best friend you can't exactly say no, can you?

    but like I understand where your coming from but if your a true friend then

    you need to support her , because chances are if she's that blindly in love and she

    plans to marry him she could choose him over you.

    be supportive but state your opinion privately to her.