How would you react if your boyfriend proposed with a ring pop cuz he wanted to let you pick out the engagement ring, without spoiling the surprise?

I don't want to risk getting a ring that she doesn't like, but if i ask her what ring she likes its gonna give away the surprise. So i thought I'd propose with a ring pop and get an actual engagement ring later.

Also i could make a joke like, "what, you don't like the ring?" and act like my feelings are hurt to scare her half to death before telling her I'm gonna have her pick out the engagement ring 😂


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  • That sounds really cute and sweet!!


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  • That sounds kind of cruel to propose and scare the shit out of her. If my guy did that I'd be pissed.

    If you want to get a promise ring on the other hand (like one from Walmart) and give her your reasoning, that's a different story.

    • I didn't mean it in a cruel way, i just thought it might be funny. But I'm pretty sure it'd be easier for her to tell i was joking if i got a ring pop rather than a promise ring. If i got a promise ring she is more likely to believe that it is her actual engagement ring, which would scare her more.

    • Most girls aren't going to be scared to see a ring, no matter how small it is. Unless she's incredibly superficial and materialistic, I doubt that'd be the case.

    • So are you saying i should just get her the engagement ring and not worry about her disliking it?

  • That's fucking adorable :)