Are they gonna get married and have more babies?

They couldn't split up now after all this time could they?
I don't know why people say babies cause stress?
I heard them fighting... She was saying, "u don't care... U don't need me in ur life!"
i also heard her screaming, "I'm nearly 30... I want a baby now!!!"

low and behold she is pregnant now...

He looks disinterested in her... They might go out with friends once a week but the rest of the time he is off doing his own thing (sport, seeing his friends).
They have been together for 8 years... They live together for 3 years... Now she is pregnant...

But they aren't married...

he left her once but then went back... Does that mean he loves her and can't live without her?
Will they be closer than ever now cos they are a family?

it would be very complicated if they split... Their friends are all couples and their families are good friends...


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  • Get lost loser!