Are women in the west becoming less of wife material?

I`m not bashing against women I want peoples honest opinions since I`m looking to get married.

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  • I don't know I'm p cute and can cook so that's pretty wifely right there. It's not like the bar is all that high.

    • Those are really good qualities

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    • And fucking bacon on standby.

    • @Transigence Oh I already did that and replaced the fan and thermal gel over the summer :/ I'm going to try and get a new battery to see if it's not charging properly and that's causing the overheating.

      I'm pretty bad at baking but I guess that's why God gave us cake mixes :S

      Wooing women with food. I like your style XD

      we should probably stop harassing OP with alerts. You can PM me if that works for you.

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What Girls Said 1

  • yup. to much of a power struggle all the time with western women.

    • The internal power struggle among women intrigues me. Some of you women are REALLY GOOD PEOPLE who are truly sympathetic towards men (or just anyone who needs it).

      People like me are very harsh towards women who are very harsh towards men or expect some consideration in exchange for things like merely being graced with their eminence.

      Are you not "western?"

      Why are you anonymous? You have nothing to be ashamed of. Step out of the shadows. I promise to support you in as much as I agree with you.

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes. You can blame feminism for that. Though the reason isn't necessarily that women are no longer acting as wives (that's just the effect), but that the institution of marriage itself is failing due to our consumerist culture combined with the secular ideals of the Enlightenment.

  • yes. there is a reason men are not marrying women anymore.

    • Can you elaborate?

    • what is there to elaborate on. men are not willing to get married anymore. women still want to get married and likely always will problem is men want women when they are young and fresh but women want to wait till they are in their thirties and mens brains are fully formed by then and are more equipped to make long term decisions.

    • Holy fucking shit, dude. Stop doing that. Just tell him already :)

      C'mon. Three paragraphs, kinda ranty. Let it rip.

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