Why is he not texting anymore? so confused!

I've been seeing a guy for a couple of weeks now...from the first time we saw each other we made out and then wouldn't speak until we had another event when we would see each other... this went on for 3 or 4 times but after the last time he started texting me and asking to go out, telling me he really likes me, and he loves the fact that I won't sleep with him yet... I did play kind of hard to get but the things is I went to Cuba for a week when I came back he kept on texting me that he wanted to see me and that he misses me but always blow me off finally a week and half after we saw each other it was a good night but he hasn't text me or called since WTFFF... I know he's getting impatient about the whole sleeping together but how the f*** do you want to have sex when we never see each other (I have told him that in a joking manner but he says its my fault because I work night shifts) anyways I called him on Monday and he already had pan but we spoke the whole day and he told me I would propose to do something but I already have plans and then I texted him Tuesday asking wanna do something after your class he said he finished at 8 and then he had a team project and he would call me but then he texted saying that he had to go to work after so we would have to leave to tomorrow... Wednesday came never called or texted ... I REALLY LIKE HIM! WTF DO I DO I WANT THINGS TO GO BACK TO HOW THEY WERE! HELP


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  • He's not interested.


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