It's about my senior project, and we're proposing tomorrow!!!

For my senior project, I have to find a social issue and then Impact my social issue... The senior project is supposed to help us learn about networking, and when people found out about that they were upset cause they don't know how to network, so I was thinking for my social issue I do the lack of networking ability in our high school students. For my impact I was thinking about learning how to network myself and then training the students juniors and seniors how to network so that when they go to college and look for future jobs they will be able to do it easily..what do you think.? if you think its a bad idea or think I can do something better tell me please


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  • I just finished my senior project.. It sounds very unique but also complicated. I'd say submt the proposal and if it is approved and your teacher thinks you can do it go for it. We have to work with a mentor on ours if you need to I would make sure you can find one