How to make my future husband live in the US until we get married?

Okay, so I'm 17 years old. My boyfriend is 21 and lives in Italy. My mother gave me permission to marry him as soon as I turn 18 for many reasons. We have been together for 3 years. I turn 18 in exactly one year, but I want him to live here in my city (U. S) until we get married. What should I do? the thing is, I found him a really good job here in my city and in order to get it he obviously has to live here. How can I make him live here so that he can work until we get married and start the Immigration process? He will be an American Citizen after. Someone who knows please let me know. I have my parents permission.


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  • May be your boyfriend uncircumcised


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  • Go to the nearest winery and purchase the strongest stuff they have. Then invite your boyfriend to a romantic dinner with candles and spaghetti and make him drink until he passes out on the floor. Then drag his unconscious form across the floor into the bathroom. Place him in a seated position on the toilet and duct tape him so that he cannot move. Gag him with a rag or preferably dirty sock and wait for him to wake up. When he does, present your situation to him and tell him he must either remain seated on the toilet for all eternity or stay in the U. S until we get married. If he refuses, simply strike him on the side of the head with the toilet brush until he is unconscious, or put a soaked sponge over his nose so he cannot breathe and slowly dies. Repeat these steps until you get the desired answer.


    • HHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAAHHAHAHAHA LOVED THIS! But no really I don't know how to do this 😫

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  • Does he even want to move from Italy? I think that's a lot to go through.

    • Yes he does

    • Then you'd need to apply for a marriage visa I think it's what it is

  • I don't know the legal process very well, but for the year until you can get married, I think he can get a work visa for that job. But it's a long, complicated, sometimes expensive process. It might be better to wait until you can get the marriage paperwork and US citizenship done. A year really isn't that long, especially not when you've made it three years together :) Congratulations, by the way!

    • Thank you so much! ❤️

  • did you meet him in person or online? either way, he may be using you to get a green card. stop wasting your time on a make believe relationship.

    • 1. I met him in person
      2. Make believe relationship? This is very real, been together for three years. If you don't have anything positive or an answer to my question, they don't bother to ever respond. ;)

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    • 2. yes, online relationships are not real. you have to spend real, in person, time with someone to get to know them properly. the two of you only show what you want the other person to see.

      I was giving you a very real warning. when I was 18 I moved away from home, to a big city and while I got a lot of attention from men in general, the kind of attention I got from foreign men was quite a bit different, very pushy and overbearing. they pretended to be extra sweet at first, then after hanging out for a while, many started asking me to marry them so they could get green cards. wake up little one. he may be sincere, but I highly doubt it. otherwise, he would have made a real effort to be by your side sooner. instead of waiting until you're old enough to have a rushed weddding. but hey, it's your life, fuck it up however you choose. ;)

    • Hahahahahaha I see him very very very often, more than you think. Thanks for your opinion, i'm sure I'm not doing this to fuck up my life. And if I am, well at least I will learn from my mistake and keep on moving with my life.