Tied Between True Love and Reality, which is which?

This is my uncertain story.

I dated a girl for a year and a day. That period was enough to convince me that she is the one, we broke up because i found her cheating with 4 other guy, flirting with 12, when I was away for High School. On and off my relationships went, yet to discover within a year, she was 9mnths preg. It wasn't mine but it pissed me off, getting laid soon after breakup.. I was mad.

But hey, time moved on, changed cities, changed girls, they all seemed soo fake. Here and there, I would visit her jus to see how she is doing.

Started dating this chick, and she ain't my type although everything else is good. Im now in Poland for university, The life of my old bae is turning terrible each second, and im like her only hope. She is my true love, on the other side, this new chick is already champaigning to my parents on being the so called "bride".

Im jus stranded. Coz where I come from, its tough to marry someone who already has a kid.


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  • Reality won't lead you wrong in the long term


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