Will my wife hate me if this happens?

Me and my wife are currently expecting our first child and we are happier than ever. However, there is one worry i have. I've got this heart condition and there's a 20% chance it could get passed on to one of my children. She is aware of the chances of this happening but she's reluctant to talk about them and if it happens, i will feel like i've left the child down and my wife too.


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  • No she will not hate you as she is fully aware. I'm sure you would mutually care and worry for your child than concerned with how he got it.

    And don't worry yourself over odds and chances, if something was going to happen, it would have happened, and if it wasn't then it wouldn't. Thats all there is to it really. Relax as stressing about it won't change the outcome and pray :)


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  • Bro you're giving someone a life.. Experiance of a life time...

    Also its not your fault

    But trust me bro... Your children would be more then happy if they did get it instead of not being born

    Ask yourself this.. Would you rather be born with a 100% chance of heart problems or not be born with obviously no heart problems aha


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  • Don't worry about it, think positive thoughts and positive things will happen. Everything will be fine 😊


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