Did you have to ask you wife's dad if you could marry her?

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  • my s. o. and i aren't engaged yet, though he told me that he did tell my dad that "in a couple of years from now, i'd like to marry your daughter, with your blessing".

    my dad's super-protective, so he probably approved. lol.


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  • You tell them you're going to marry her and ask for their blessing.

    If they don't give it to you you do it anyway. But the gesture is nice.

  • If my fiancé had asked my dad for permission I would have told him no. You get engaged to (and marry) the woman not her dad. Since the dad isn't part of the relationship I don't understand why he would be involved. Also, if you think a woman is so bad at making choices that she needs her dad's help, then you'd be better off with someone else.


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