Most men only want to be in a marriage with a woman who submits to her husband both decision wise and sexually? Agree/disagree?

Most men only want to be in a marriage with a woman who submits to her husband both decision wise and sexually? Agree/disagree?

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A woman should submit to her husbands authority.


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  • Commit for life

    Trust that you chose the right man. After you've chosen the man you will marry, commit to the marriage for life. Recognize that people and relationships change and evolve and your job is to stay committed through it all. You made a vow, a promise to him.

    Support and encourage

    Use your influence to lift him up. Avoid nagging and criticizing. Encourage him to reach his goals and be the best man he can be.

    Submit and obey

    Allow him to take the lead where necessary. A strong smart man can make the best decision for his family. Surrender to him and trust that he will make the best decision for you.

    Put him first

    Recognize your role as wife (and mother) and put your family before yourself. Keep him in mind when making decisions.

    • This guy did such an excellent if short take on women's proper role in marriage.

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    • If a woman makes the commitment that you just stated and later regrets her choice chose her mate poorly. He most likely took advantage of her and her commitment and didn't cherish what he had. Mutual is the only way a felationship survives. If your not doing thing / actions that build up your relationship/ partner then your tearing it down

    • We all live with the consequences good or bad of the choices we make. Thats the blessing and curse of God giving us free will.

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What Girls Said 9

  • I like being sexually submissive. Decisions, I'd like help with. I can't get any dominance in my marriage from my husband. It's between the couple, what they want. Some want equal everything, others want a dominatrix, or a dominant male, whatever. If I could get him to at LEAST tell me what he wants to eat, that'd be an accomplishment. I see no accomplishments in the near future lol...

  • I think men who are scared of women want that, not men who respect them. When you respect someone you don't need or require them to "submit" to you because you should trust that they can make the best decision for themselves. And when you respect yourself, you don't need to be lead by anyone.

    I really worry about people who are happy with only "suggesting" things in a relationship, while the other person gets the final say just because of their gender.

    I have so much difficultly understanding why and under what circumstances submissive and dominant roles are needed in actual relationships.

    • This is why you are 27 and unmarried.

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    • You would love that wouldn't you, your wife probably has to breast feed you.

    • We play a lot of kinky games but thats private between a husband and wife I wouldn't expect a spinster to understand.

  • No thanks. I'm looking for a relationship where neither feels superior nor inferior.

    • Its not about superiority, a lot of women are now rejecting feminism and living how they believe they should.

    • What part of I don't like an unequal relationship where the woman isn't allow to make decisions don't you understand? Not liking extremists of any organization doesn't mean many women want to treated as a second class individuals in a relationship, much less marriage. I don't identify myself as any label but simply would be grossed out meeting a guy that has the nerve to say we have to submit and obey a husband or posted ugly pictures like those.

    • She can still make decisions but defer those decisions to her husband's ultimate authority.

  • I guess I'm submissive to the point where I love to serve my family and others, and in turn I get a lot of respect and any other way just brings on a lot of natural consequences which makes me think that my servant attitude is a gift I can give to others. It's a part of who I am, but I'm not submissive to the point where I'm a doormat or have no voice. That would be slavery and very harsh.

  • Porn n weed or beer 🍺 are their true sustenance

  • Most men can keep masturbating watching youporn.

    • They don't need to as there are plenty of women willong to have sex all im saying is you wouldn't marry a girl who would not submit to her man.

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    • Yep, your immaginary wife

    • Unfortunately this is one stag thats been tied down

  • if the husband and wife are happy ike this, i don't see where is the problem

  • I disagree, I love my men submissive ;)

  • creepiest fucking photos ever


What Guys Said 8

  • A woman who cannot contribute to major decisions is worthless.
    A woman who will not stand up for what they believe in is worthless.
    A woman who will not correct her man is worthless.

    I need a partner, not a slave.

  • What a boring marriage.

  • NO!, damm no!
    no matter what no matter how
    treat her with the respect she desrives, if she doesn't want to do something then that her choice not yours

    If you respect her, love her, and show it to her
    She'll do a lot for you, if you have to force her to do anything then you're a horribe person.

    Where is the fun in a relationship if you can walk up to her and say : Woman sex now!
    I'd much rather try to initiate sex with foreplay then force her
    we have no right to supress the will of a woman becuase your her husband

    • Thats not what im doing.

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    • God no I don't hate women but they should naturally let us take the lead

    • i personally dont think so, i honestly think that if the wife can make much better and ratinal decision then ill let her be the boss, however this idea is only her becuase man are seen as the provider and woman should be greatfull they "only" have to do the household to keep thier man happy
      but lets face it, thats the old picture, the new picture iether one can be the boss, or how i would prefer to do it Decide together :p

  • Absolute rubbish !! And those men who do have that intention, their true colors come out pretty soon in the relationship and its always downhill from there.

  • Is that a real book in the last?

  • have you seen the men women marry. these women walk all over them

    • Those aren't men they are walking vaginas

  • I never liked submissive women.

    • Then your missing out

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    • Your mom you mean?

    • No, my mom is kind and understanding woman, but too permissive towards my dad, he is kinda jerk.

  • I agree with sexually but not decision wise. And please don't go bashing the bible as some anti-women book.

    • So you only will degrade a woman sexually?

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    • this actually makes me even more happy and proud of being an atheist

    • @Vesuvius87 good for you I guess.

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