Girls, what's your stance on taking your husband's last name?

If you were to get married, how would you feel about taking your husband's last name?

  • I would want to take his last name.
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  • I would want us to hyphenate our last names together.
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  • I would want him to take my last name.
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  • I would want us to each keep our own last name.
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  • It doesn't matter to me; whatever he wants is fine.
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  • my boyfriend/future husband and i have had this conversation, and we're still on opposite sides of this one.

    my biological father's last name is jones, and my (step) dad's last name is brown. therefore, as a kid, i used both names interchangeably and now go by von jones-brown.

    my boyfriend's last name is williams; since i'm not close to my biological father, i want to replace his name with my boyfriend's and keep my dad's name (no hyphenation), which would make me von williams brown. my reason for doing it is that it's a nod to the family who raised me, as well as the family i'm joining.

    however, my other half is opposed to this; he think's it's a "fem-nazi" move, though he also says it's my choice and that he'll respect whichever i ultimately choose. he's a sweet and easygoing guy in general, but very traditional, and i sometimes wonder if he'll be okay with my decision at the time but resent me for it later.

    i've had 2 last names since i was 13, so having just one would be strange for me. that said, at this point, i'm still undecided~ i suppose i'll cross that bridge when i get to it, lol.

    • He called it a "fem-Nazi" move? That doesn't sound like he's accepting it. That sounds almost bitter about what you want to do.

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  • I would keep my last name plus I love my last name. If I took his last name I would feel like I am being adopted and I don't want that kind of feeling.

  • I don't particularly care. I have no problem with staying with my own name but I guess it's easier to switch to his. It doesn't bother me either way.

  • I will take my husband's last name. Honestly I never really liked my last name haha.

  • I'm Muslim and we keep our last names, I wouldn't mind if people call me Misses (insert husband's last name) but on the papers I would keep it. However our kids will take his last name.

  • I can't really change my last name because my last name is like my first name.

    My family calls me by my lastname.
    My parents didn't give me the family name.

    And I don't think in our religion/culture the girl takes the husband's last name
    She keeps her father's last name.

    The children get's their father's last name

    Either way, I am indifferent about itm

  • I personally wouldn't want him to take my last name because then that would make him part of my family tree and not my own individual family. I wouldn't take his name either. I kind of really like my name anyways.

  • I would never change my name for a marriage. Changing my name seems like changing my identity in a way. I am a part of my family by blood and want to keep my name.