"If a married man truly loved another woman, he would have already left his wife to be with her." Men, is this true?

Does the quote seem to be true? If a man truly wanted to be with a woman, would he really do anything to be with her? Even in the instance of being married?

  • Yes. If he truly loves her, he'll do anything to be with her.
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  • No, it's more complicated than that.
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  • If a married man left his wife he made a commitment on to be with another, the he OBVIOUSLY doesn't know what love is and doesn't deserve either.


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  • Yes, I believe what you are saying is a possibility. Surely a man is capable of doing that.

  • A man can love multiple people.
    Difference is a man would break someone's heart to fix someone else's

  • One word: alimony.


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