My family has managed to lose a £20 000 cheque of mine?

I received a cheque of £20 000 from my late aunt. I remember picking it up from the boxes with the rest of her stuff, looking at it and putting it on the kitchen table.

2 days later and I can't find it.

No one has been in our house beside my family. So it's probable that someone has moved it and then forgotten. Trouble is no one remembers anything and I've been looking around the whole house for hours on end and it's just frustrating.

I don't know what else to do.


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  • >leaves a 20 grand check lying around
    >complains when he loses it

    It's not your idiotic families fault. It's your fault for not compensating for their idiocy. Who leaves a 20 grand check lying around for two days.

  • Well call the bank it was issued from.

    • I will have to call the solicitors though, not the bank. I'm so annoyed at this.