What makes someone marriage material?

Ladies - What makes you want to settle down with your man?

Men - What makes you want to settle down with this woman?

Just asking given the common cheating, opposite sex friends, and spouse neglections that tearup a marriage.

My friend's husband hates it when she hangs out with her best male friend).

Another woman cheated on her husband since he spends too much time at work and with his female best friend.

Another man cheated on his wife after she denies him sex, and divorced in order to be with his girlfriend.


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  • That I realized he was enough. I didn't want anyone else, or to date anyone else out there, he was it. When I'm 80 I want it to be him next to me. He got along with my family. He's selfless. He's the guy that stops in the rain to change an old ladies tire. He's genuinely kind. And the best for last... he's a sexy beast!


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  • why makes me want to settle is knowing the guy i love is serious about us, that he not only loves me but accepts me for who i am, the good and the bad. Who accepts my family and has the same vision as me who i can depend on someone who inspires me to become a better person who brings out the best in me. who has his purest interest in me a guy who makes you feel protected when you want to get married or settle down you just know you get that feeling but then again what do i know I'm only 18


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  • What would make me want to settle with this woman?

    Answer: Nothing can!!.