Fell apart when I read all this...is he angry at me?

so I'm engaged to be married and one day I happen to run into my ex's MySpace while commenting on one of my guy friend's pages. At first I had a negative vibe because we had a bad break up, but since I wanted to finally make peace with that time and the scars it has left on me with trust issues, I decided to add him as a friend and in the friend message box I wrote a very bland "hey, saw you on a friend's MySpace, been forever"

he added me the next day and wrote back that same day

Even tho it ticked me off he began to remind me of the past but I accepted it. I began to think he was angry at me or something...or thought I was trying to show off my new life to him...tell me what you think...all I want is peace. He knows my fiancee. They used to work together. maybe I'm reading this all wrong?

Here are the messages we sent:

Him:It has been a long time! Congratulations...all the way around! Just wanted to ask you for forgiveness. I had a lot going on and if I hurt you, I am extremely sorry. That was never my intention. Looks like you are doing great! Take care

Me:thanks, congrats to you as well!

glad to see you are doing good.looks like you went to Iraq. my turn is coming up in a yr.and likewise on the forgiveness thing...that was an emotionally stressed time, but a very very long time ago. silly thing we didn't stay friends...but better late than never to catch up,keep in touch

him:Yeah I thought you got out? What did you get promoted?

me:lol, I did get out and began working for a company _ in _ right after. I also got into the _ service and then did their version of _ training program. I still work for the civilian company and do a lot for the training program which is BS.Im not promoted yet. I passed _ training which gives me automatic promotion status and I will be promoted when I finish _. so what else is new, hehe... still in?

HIM:No, I got out in October of last year, realized I didn't want to spend the rest of my time in the desert! I have a great career and a great woman and looking forward to being married! Got back into my faith after an UGLY divorce from my first wife. That is a long long long conversation if you are ever courious, lol! Long story short, God answered several prayers all at once and has been ever since! Sounds like your on top of it! Good job, say hi to your fiancee _ for me!

Me:awww, glad to hear all is going great for you! Congrats on your getting married! Fine looking girl too!

And keeping the faith is always good. Everyone needs it. I know I needed a lot of it when I was going through training. Very intense!

As for the divorce thing, wow! kind of hard to picture...you?

hope things are better on that end. in a ways everyone goes through tough times to get to something better. prob was the best thing for you in the end...

I will tell hi to _ from you. We are soon to get married as well. A long story as well, haha

Take care

...he never replied. think he got mad?


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  • First of all, the correspondence seems quite fine and friendly. There is no reason for him to get mad.

    Dont try to guess why he has not replied. In fact, it is difficult enough knowing why we react to different things the way we do ourselves, leave alone trying to understand some one else. It will only drive you insane.

    Just react to how the other person responds. If he gets back to you in a friendly way be friendly. If he acts nasty, cut off communication. If he does not reply, don't write back again.


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  • lol he didn't reply because of 2 reasons...

    1. he's a guy, we loose out train of thought, do otha sh*t etc...but he'll probably reply sumday lol

    2. he found theconvesation 2 be dead and their wasn't much else to talk about

    nothing in that conversation would warrant him being angry or upset, expecially if he's the kinda guy that found god etc lol

    wot you should be more worried about is the fact that your investing time in ur idea of this being an issue...u kinda gave me the impression while reading this that uve still got a thingfor him. reind ursef uve got a new partner, and I don't think at thispoint in ur life (being engaged) is the ideal time for you to be reconsiling with a past lover...wether you like it or not the more you talk the more your going to open up a part of yourself that you locked away along tym ago...dont put yourself in a situation where ur heart starts 2 stray and you start confusing ur head and emotions.

    regards from,

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  • Hi, well, I thought that 98% of his responses were fine, but there was that 1%, which was the comment about the UGLY divorce. I totally felt that was an uncalled for comment, which sounded 2 me like he was trying to slam you a bit and then make himself feel like he is better than you by getting married a 2nd time. Is that how you felt when you read it?


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  • no you had a fine conversation and it sounded like you patched things up stop worring he might just have gotten busy and not been at a computer in awhile or not know how to reply.

  • seems like he wanted to get a dig at you,my ex wantted me back for months after we split but all of a sudden he was living with and engaged to a girl he had only known for three months,and he couldn't wait to tell me,*pulls not bothered face*.at the end of the day,why do you care so much,hes moved on so have you,in all honesty,just put it aside and get on with your life...

  • He doesn't sound mad at all. It feels to me that the conversation ended and there was nothing else to say. Now that you are friends again, you can check in later and ask what he's been up to.

  • Nahh, I don't think he's mad at all. It seems like the conversation ended and there wasn't anything more for him to say.

  • I got the vibe that he is truly happy for you, it seems like you question was more of a statement. If you want him to respond then ask him something straight up. I don't think he really had a reason to be mad at you, especially since he was the one that brought the divorce up.

  • Dont worry about it because you end the conersation.

  • Everything seems fine and mainly was small talk. I doubt he got mad. You ended with "take care" and that means it is optional for the person to respond back, and, really, you two have obviously been apart for a while for him to have been married and divorced and you not to know much about it. So, you had a quick convo and now it is back to you two having your own lives. He's not mad, but you won't be becoming best buds either.

    My 1st husband went on Facebook a few months ago and my profile popped up as a suggestion to him. He did contact me, we had a nice exchange and that was it. He did say he might want to see me when he was in town next, but I get it, we both have different lives, busy ones, and really there is no reason to see each other, but it was nice to talk.

  • Why do you think he is mad?

    because he id not write back, or because he did not respond how you wish?

    Sounded very civil tome.. I had a talk with a sort of ex , except we had not officially broken up, & I was expecting a similar note, but yours, was NOTHING like what I was thinking^... SOO I think it sounded VERY civil.

    Is there a particular part, you were concerned about?