How should a husband react if he sees that his wife had a permantly written name (of her previous boyfriend) on he back? What should the wife do then?

How to handle the situation from boths point of view?


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  • Wife should change or remove tattoo LONG BEFORE the wedding.


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  • Either have her go over it with something else or laser remove it


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  • Since we are married her commitment and dedication to me would be far more than enough.
    I wouldn't care about anything else.
    Of course , I wouldn't like the fact that she has the tattoo.
    But if I were to force her or make an issue out of the whole tattoo removal ,
    I'd turn our marriage into a war zone.
    Why? Because I'm coming off as defensive.
    Instead of coming off that way ,
    I'd kindly suggest that she remove it or ask , "How do you feel about your exes name on you? Have you ever thought about tattoo removal?"
    And I'd leave it alone.

    I'd want her to remove the tattoo on her own will not because I was outraged or made her feel forced.
    I'd even help out in the costs If she was worried about the expense.
    Marriage is all about helping each other out not passing judgment.

    • Will that not matter even a little to the husband (or you)? Is'nt it a sign of disrespect?

    • It would matter.
      But wouldn't you rather give the suggestion rather than pushing the issue? That makes things worse in my opinion and causes animosity.

  • She should have gotten the tattoo removed after the breakup.

    • So as she has'nt removed, so how should the husband react?

    • Ask her if she would consider having the tattoo removed. If she doesn't want to do that, a very good tattoo artist could turn it into something else or just simply try to cover it up.

  • Guy should appreciate her love if she tattooed his name on her back then she really falls hard so feel lucky that she fell 3 times harder for you and ended up marrying you

    She should tattoo your name on her ring finger like or inner thigh


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