Can Love come after marriage?

I'm wondering if any one knows or gone through a marriage where the two meet and had it arranged where after the weeding they feel in love?
Or where the couple didn't know much about each other and didn't have super strong feelings for each other before the marriage but feel in love after?


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  • This type of arranged marriage is common in my country, and these couples usually fall in love after marriage. And most of these marriages are successful too!

    But I would rather stay single than go for such an arrangement.

    • It's risky ik bit you say they fall in love this question the whole concept of western relationship you know

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    • @aficionado. Yes you're right. I agree with your opinion. Even though I don't believe in such arrangements myself.

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  • Yes, it's possible.

  • Yes it is possible that love can make after marriage and going to increase during the years.

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