Guys, did you make it obvious when you were going to propose?

So I have been with my boyfriend nearly 3 years now and we have just bought a house, we always said we would wait to get married and have kids until we bought a place.
He has been bringing up marriage and kids quite a lot lately and he has now arranged to see my parents without me being there...
Surely though if he was going to ask my dad's permission he wouldn't make it that obvious that he was going round surely?


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  • If he is asking permission good for him. Or he could simply be trying to build a relationship so he feels comfortable doing so.

    Personally, I haven't proposed to anyone but this is my plan. Ideally it shouldn't be a surprise that I am asking her, the timing a surprise, but the fact that I am asking not. Because it is a joining of families I would make sure that I am comfortable with her family and them with me. I would then ask permission of every family member, parents and sibling, varying times based on the individual. I would ask everyone because I am asking to be a part of their family and that should be earned not taken and because I would want their help in making the proposal something to remember as we will be telling this story for the rest of our lives, so I plan on making it a good one. That's how I plan on going about it.

  • If I was going to propose, no id keep it secret and surprise the crap out of her with a proposal I took months to figure out and prepare and have it original and romantic and fun at the same time.