Should I still be with this guy?

I am with this guy since 18 months. I previously had a boyfriend who rejected me and he had a girlfriend who rejected him. He had sex with her. But he didn't admit that before. Now last week he told me that he had sex with not only her ex girlfriend but 2 other girls and that was only to forget what he did with his ex. I never agreed to have sex before marriage. so he went to his other friends. I am neither able to leave him nor be with him whole heartedly. I always feel how could he do sex with some other person if he really loves me. I am always getting that picture of him and those girls having sex. I just can't get rid of that. I don't know what to do. I don't trust him any more but I appreciate that he at least told me otherwise I wouldn't have known at all. Please give me some good advice.

i sometimes feel like he loves me and sometimes it is like it doesn't matter with whom he is he wants some girl that's it. I don't want to leave him and I am even not in a position to live with him...


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  • Well, I think it's noble that he actually admitted to having sex with those girls, but at the same time you have to ask yourself one question: "If he can't be faithful while dating, will he be faithful during marriage?" If he can't respect your beliefs about sex before marriage and you're just having a relationhip right now, he won't respect your marriage if you should marry. If I were you, I would part ways with this guy. Obviously what he wants is more important than the respect towards you. I know you may not want to hear this, but he cheated, and that's not fair to you. It's disrespectful. And trust me,if he cheats now, he'll cheat while married. I know from experience. I hope this helps.

  • He's not going to change so why sell yourself short? You should love and respect yourself more than what this guy is giving you. He obviously doesn't care. I would find someone else that shares the same beliefs you do or at least respect your beliefs and you. You're too special of a person to be this guy's toy because that's exactly how he's treating you.

    • I am unable to believe that he doesn't care for me. I don't know y but I loved him so much. I never thought so much abt any other guy before. I feel very much attached to him. I can't imagine how will I be without speaking to him. I came to a position where I don't believe in any guy. everyone is the same. now I m f rightened of even making frndship with a guy.

    • Give yourself time, you need to heal from one relationship before you start another one. Focus on yourself, and just let life unfold. You'll start making friendship again and your fear will eventually go away, if you want it to. You have to want it. Just relax, and focus on you because that's what is important. You'll be fine without this guy, don't let him define you and your life, you're better than that.