Anyone have some positive and happy relationship/marriage (personal) tales?

So I've been spending too much time hearing negative stories and reading negative forums in infedility and cheating and it's not helping my psyche. Anything positive would be welcomed.

P. S Doesn't help that I work with a bunch of bitter old men


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  • Met my husband 4 years ago. I was in a horribly abusive relationship. The day we met was the worst day of my life sounds weird right? Met the man of my dreams but yet the worst day? Well let me explain. I met my husband while being taken by ambulance to the hospital because my ex had beat me so bad. He was a paramedic. I of course at the time wasn't thinking about anything other then the pain I was in but from what I could comprehend at the time he was so sweet trying to calm me down. When we got the hospital we went our separate ways 2 days into my visit my favorite nurse said "that perenedic checks up on you everytime he delivers a patient. I was confused as to why. I was there for a week it continued. Then one day I received a letter in my room telling me why I deserve better and he left his number and said if I ever need someone to help get me out he was there. Well that day I called and I never went back to my ex again. Then 2 months later I was married and now 4 years later I have 2 beautiful kids and an amazing husband who I can truly say saved my life. Every night I go to sleep knowing I'm safe and I have someone who loves me more then anything. No matter what i know I will always have my person by my side. To me marriage is what you choose for it to be. To me it's amazing and I wouldn't trade a day for anything.


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  • I met my current boyfriend through an online dating site. I weeded through many losers to find my keeper. Our first date I had pretty much figured he would be just another fail. As soon as I saw him I felt the attraction, though, and I realized he was playing for keeps very early on.

    After 10 months of being together we have never fought. He treats me like a queen and never takes me for granted. He shows his love in a million ways, and appreciates me and everything I do for him, no matter how tiny. I never thought I could find a guy like him, and I've never been happier or more secure in a very long time.

    I'm not sure what the future holds, but I am excited to find out.

    • Aww that wamed my heart. You really don't know how much I needed to read something like this.

  • My boyfriend and I have been going on 3 years together now. We have never fought, we're very open and honest with one another. His family doesn't much care for me, they believe he shouldn't have a girlfriend. He wants to be with me regardless because it's not their decision. We've made it through high school and now we're each other's support systems in college. We love each other very much and plan to marry after college.


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