What is love? Does it include euphoric feeling? Can you have euphoric feeling and still love? Or is it two different things?

What is love? I know it's a lot of things but does love also include euphoric feeling? Or is it bad it euphoric feeling are involved?

when do you know you love someone? How do you feel?

Is loving someone different than wanting to be with someone forever? If you love your partner (gf/bf) does that means you see them in your future and forever? Right? Or does it come way after love?

Pls be very detailed. Thank you


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  • I think the thing that is so called love is just a bunch of hormones and chemicals running in our bodies and brains. It's primary purpose is just there to prevent us from becoming extinct so if we don't bother to seek relationships to reproduce it can and will cause misery and/or frustration. But not every single case or for every single person. Asexuals are completely immune to this IIRC, and I think they are really lucky compared to those that are affected by all these supposedly "euphoric" feelings, including me, unfortunately, sigh.

    But some of us are fighting it all the way till the end with logic than emotions. And not all of us are going to be with someone forever or end up with someone in the end, it's just the way it is. Some give up, some don't have a choice, don't have the time, etc.

    I don't think I know when I 'love' someone I think it's moreso physical attraction, infatuation, and/or lust. Therefore I think it's ALL just a Bunch of Lies and Deception and/or Illusions/Delusions that comes with being human and/or biological. As I had stated above, I think these "feelings" are just there to serve a purpose to increase the chance of reproduction of any living thing or species so they do not end up dying out entirely or completely. But after all those feelings wear off, reality kicks in. And that's why sometimes people in relationships change their minds and divorces happen. Sometimes they just don't exactly feel the same way anymore for the same person they once felt that way for, but hey it's reality so it happens, what can you do? You only have so much control. It's worst when one person stops feeling that same way than the other person if both people in the relationship stop feeling that same way in the beginning, then maybe it's not such a big problem.

    I think being with someone forever is not the same as "loving" someone for the same reasons I've noted above, again just from my perception or perspective. You'd be with them forever if you really want to, choose to, need to, or you just don't.

    Answers to your last questions are I think that it could be either way, before or after. But it's that emotional connection stuff, I don't really know. That and able to trust each other fully and be open and completely honest to each other, being able to Understand each other blah blah and so on.

    • That's a interest in take. Not quite what I expected! Thank you!!

    • I meant interesting take

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