Why is he acting so cruelly?

OK so like this guy was a really close friend of mine and like I could tell him anything. well before meeting him I had a little problem with overdosing on my pills another attempt to kill myself. well I had told him about it and he like kinda freaked out and told me to never do it again. so I promised I wouldn't. well like in October last year my ex boyfriend decided to rub it in my face that he got a new girlfriend and that they were engaged. it really hurt me and I took like a butt load of pills and took a hole bottle of Tylenol and cut my wrists. well my best friend heard bout me cutting myself and well he punished me but I hadn't told him bout the pills. well on winter break I had went over to his house and we hung out and his dad came home and kicked me out. after that day he won't talk to me or look at me or acknowledge that I even exist. so I ask his friend if he knew what was up he said that he found out bout the pills. I told my friend that I was sorry that I threw out all the pills I don't take and that I'm getting help but he still ignores me and now he's trying to get his friend that are also my friends to stop talking to me. Why is he acting so cruelly? Help


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  • I think he is angry at you for breaking your promise but that is really just a cover for how worried he is about you. Even though it's totally not right he's decided it's easier on him to treat you like this. But trying to get friends to stop talking to you, that's to much. I can certainly understand why you did what you did after your ex-boyfriend got engaged as that is a lot of heartbreak but if you want to have a chance of his going back to treating you normally you can't do anything like this ever again. Maybe you can get him to see he doesn't need to be so worried about you...


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  • Very simply...death is final. You both are close friends and obviously the friendship is very deep. Can you imagine how hurt and devastated he feels when he learns about your suicide attempts? He would never have the chance to say good bye, he'll carry guilt forever that he couldn't help you and he'd lose someone very near and dear to him. Death is final because once you go, you can't come back. You have attempted suicide twice and you're lucky that you failed. I know that you're pleading for help. However, he is probably scared sh*tless that one day you might actually succeed in taking your life. You are important to him and many other people I am sure. He simply cannot take the risk of losing you and that's why he is backing off. I think that if you want to change his perspective, earn his trust back and most importantly work through your problems, please see a guidance counselor at school, a pastor or someone you trust to help you.

    You're so young and you have a full life to live. I wish you all the best.

    • Ive been trying to kill myself since I was 10 I'm 17 now. its become a game now. and I go to therapy every week but how am I supposed to get his trust back when he won't answer me or look at me and when I do talk to he at school he looks right through me

    • It sounds like you might need a new therapist if it's become a game. Then, the therapy isn't wokring for you. I think before you can even earn his trust back, you need show your on the road to recovery. How will this show? When people start to see a happier, wholesome and complete young woman, they will notice and so will he. That is when you should call him, pull him aside ater school or go to a place he hangs out to to talk to him.