My husband lied about going to a strip club getting a girls number and said he did it on purpose to see if I was monitoring him. Is that a lie or wat?

So my husband has been pushing me away for awhile and getting upset at me for everything so I gave him space but I noticed it was getting fishy. Well I did start monitoring his phone and seeing if there was something going on and he did go to a strip club and tried to lie to me about it and when I asked him what he did or if he got anyone number or gave his number out he said no I didn't nothing like that. So I checked his phone and he did get a stripers number and when I asked him he told me he did that on purpose because he wanted to see if I was monitoring his phone and to see if I would come clean and shit like that and then he tells me it was the only way to do this was by getting someone's number! And now he's upset at me and says he lost all trust he had for me but this was the second time he has starting "talking" to another women. And when I asked for a divorce he quickly stated all the shit he would lose materialistically Speaking and that maybe we should just separate for awhile and think about whether we want this relationship or not and I don't know if he's holding out cause he will lose money or if he is really sorry for what he did and now he's upset some more cause I'm pushing for a divorce.

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  • He's probably bored in the relationship but wants to keep using you for what you can give him. I don't think any man would get a girls number and not intend to use it. Now he's switching it around on you and trying to make you out as the bad person. Shame on him!