If a husband's love decreases after he found out that his wife lied about her past and had many sexual relationships, then what should the wife do?

Considering the husband loved his wifd very much before knowing the secrects bug now remains worried, insecured, depressed , etc as he was a virgin before marraige and he believed in that trend of his tradition. What should be done by both of them?


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  • Forgive and forget if they want the marriage to work. Build a future, don't dwell on a past.

    • But how to get past all these and move on.. there must be a starting

    • First you have to face the facts. Then you have to realize that although you may not have been her first, you're her last. She loves you, not the idiots of her past.

    • Thnks

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  • This is why people should lay all of the skeletons in their closet out in the open for their future partners to see, hiding your past does nothing but cause problems further down the road if any omitted information becomes disclosed.

    I suppose your wife painted herself out to be a saint who was a virgin or someone who didn't have a very active sex life, downplayed her numbers and lied, so you'd not judge her and now the truth has emerged and you feel deceived, manipulated and your marriage/relationship feels like a farce.

    If I was in your position, I'd be contacting my solicitor and filing for a divorce citing irretrievable breakdown as the reason.


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  • The wife shouldn't do anything. What's done is done. If she told her husband then she's done her part. Its now her husband's turn to choose to deal with it. If he loves her very much then he should be able to get passed it. I don't think something like that should change how they see a person ift hy love them already. If she was deceitful about it then I guess that's different but she told you in hopes that you'll love her for who she is. She could've just held it in forever

    • But she did'nt give him the option to decide by lying about it before

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    • Maybe so but a lof of women are like that with a guy too. Usually the guy has a dirty history and the girl is a virgin but they still forgive. In all honesty its just about forgiveness. If this really bothers you then maybe you should get a divorce cuz she can't change what she did. If you love her enough you can forgive

    • Thnk you :)

  • he should go to a therapist and address his insecurities! Her past is her past. He is her present and future and its all that matter.

  • The past is in the past. Don't make it your present.

    • Thank you for your opinion

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