I swear everyone around me is married and falling pregnant?

I know it's my age.. Which makes me anxious... Biologically speaking my eggs won't last forever!
Because I'm single at 29 years of age?
Im nearly 30 and I'm bored and worried about the futire..
If a woman is single at 29 will she never find love and have kids?
Is 29 old?

Is it too hard to meet single men at that age? Is online dating websites the only way to find love these days?

all my friends are having babies now

Will i be too old soon to attract someone?


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  • my girlfriend is 40+ and i love her dearly. we both didn't have the right person for ourselves till we met each other

    life is full of surprises, you never know where it may take you! =] dont let it get you down. and you know what... there are LOTS of hungry kids who need a home in the world

    making more is highly selfish in my personal opinion , so don't stress too much about that either. you have time if you really want your own, don't rush

    he'll find you, you;ll find him.=)


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  • I know how you feel. I was 27 and single but then I met someone. I didn't fall in love straightaway, in fact, I wasn't even sure about him (as he is much younger). I am seeing him now, but not sure if I can marry him as I have the same concerns as you. By the time he finishes college and gets a job I would be past 30. By the time we have enough money for a baby etc, I would be around 35.

    Sorry for rambling but my point is yes, it is difficult to find single men older than you. Most of the good ones are either attached, or gay, or divorced (unless you don't mind divorcees, but its not the same). Also, older men (30+) usually go for younger girls (20+), rather than women their own age. Just because they can.

    I am still worried to be honest. I have the exact same worries as you. But I'm just seeing how things go. I might try online dating.


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  • Not at all.
    Firstly, I don't think 29 is old to be starting a family.
    Lots of people are choosing to settle down later. I certainly wish I'd waited longer than I did.

    Online is a great place to find someone, but you've gotta be brave and be willing to "kiss a lotta frogs before you find a prince".

    Good luck.

  • Come hangout at gag then. Tons of virgins, very few married lol.

  • single life is a lot of fun

  • You've attracted me already­čś▓ Joking.. There must be lots of 'Muricans in search of marriage.. Good luck with your affair


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