Do you think my parents are in the wrong?

So my mom hasn't done anything for me since I got married. I had to have a quick wedding because my spouse is USAF. My family didn't do anything for my first wedding, I had to do everything myself. We're suppose to have another wedding so my extended family members can come and nothing has been done or planned. The reason I'm upset is because my parents gave my sister a $10,000+ wedding and hasn't given me a dime. I don't feel as though my father is really aware but it makes me upset and I'm starting to resent them all. Especially when anyone ask me "when's the wedding?"

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I decided I will ask my mom about it this week.


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  • ""The reason I'm upset is because my parents gave my sister a $10,000+ wedding and hasn't given me a dime.""

    Yeah I'd be pissed too!

    • My close friends I've discussed this with don't understand why not either and are upset for me. My sister is indifferent because she had a wedding.

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  • It doesn't really matter, I think you should talk to them about this an explain how you feel.

    • I have a hard time talking about my feelings and I know if they say they're not going to do it then I would probably never talk to them again. Like in my heart I would always feel like they love my sister more and I just can't have that on my heart.

    • I really doubt they wouldn't do it. Maybe they for some reason don't think you need it. Learning how to say how you feel is important.

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  • I understand why you're upset, but to be fair, you are a married woman. Your parents aren't responsible for doing anything for you anymore.

    • We discussed it before I got married and they said I would have a wedding later because they understood the reason why I needed to get married quickly. But aside from that they didn't do anything for my first wedding besides show up. When my sister got married they did everything and went over budget, so it goes way past me being a married woman. And if I have to throw my own wedding I will and they will not be invited since they obviously don't care in the first place.

  • They could have their reasons. Like not having the money to be able to give you.

    • Oh no my family definitely has the money.

    • Then why don't you ask them?

    • Cause I don't know what my reaction would be if it wasn't a good reason. I would understand if that was their reason but I know it's not.

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