In arranged marraige, should a boy marry a girl if she had many bfs and sexual relationships before?

As it is likely that she may be in a dilemma as to marry her love (bf) or the one her parents have arranged for her. So is there a chance of cheating and injustice (as the boy being virgin n has nothing to compare)?


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  • Well, I don't know about arranged marriages. I really don't agree with them. But, if I was in an arranged marriage I would not care if she had several sexual relationships. The reason is I married a virgin and it was a disaster sexually. We had all sorts of problems getting intercourse where she enjoyed it as much as I did being inside her plus she was not willing to do much of anything except missionary position and did not put much effort in it.

    We didn't last long in our marriage and when I finally got around to dating again I found a girl who had been with several guys and sex was heavenly with her. She really opened my eyes to how incredibly wonderful experience could be.

    Good luck if you are the one in the arranged marriage and let her teach you how great an experienced girl can be in your sex life.

  • I'm not really in favour of arranged marriages.

    Having said that, I think the girl's past should not really matter to the guy. Unless she had a ridiculously high number of sexual partners. At least she was honest enough to admit the truth.

    • Unless she had a ridiculously high number of sexual partners. ... Why? If its ok with 20 partners then whats wrong if she has 2000? Same thing past is past.

    • That is just MY opinion, pal.

  • I don't mind even marrying an ex-whore. I am very forgiving of the past but I would never marry a girl against her wishes. That's what my religion tells me.