Ask God and Receive?

Does anyone have any stories of asking God for specifics in a spouse and receiving that?


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  • I asked Him to give me a strong woman, and I ended up on a date with Caitlynn Jenner. Be careful how you ask for stuff. Be very specific!


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  • I'm reminded of a Simpson episode strangely enough.

    The kids of the neighborhood all invent their own clean energy car. Some have windmills and solar panels, one was peddle powered.

    The only one left at the starting line when the whistle blew was one in the shape of a cross with the words "powered by prayer" on the side of it. It cuts back to those two little kids several times throughout the race sitting there in the Jesus mobile, and not going anywhere.

    You get the idea.

  • No. I believe in getting out there and getting what I want. Not thinking some diety is going to hand it to me. It doesn't work like that.

    • Problem asker?