Why is gay marriage wrong?

The only arguments I have ever heard against gay marriage are "The Bible says its wrong" and "Its not natural." What are other arguments against gay marriage?

OK people, I already know the reasons that gay marriage should be legalized. I just haven't heard any satisfactory reasons for it not to be and that is what my question is about. I'm trying to understand the reasons why people are so against it.


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  • I dtiscussed this with my dad, and what he said is that Catholics aren't against gay couples, it's just that the word marriage is sacried within the religion. It's like the religious binding between a and a women and therefore can't be used for non Catholics or for anything but a man or women. He said that the issue with the word marriage is that it's meaning has changed over the years to mean the action of binding two people together instead of it's original religious meaning, which is why he says a gay marriage should be called a civil union. So, if I were to say are you for gay marriage he would say no, that is against his religion, but he is all for gay civil union.

    I don't know if this helped, but when I discussed it with him --I know almost nothing about religion-- I was mad at first and it took him about an hour to explain his reasonings to me.

    I don't think as many people are against the action as those against the word choice. I know that my dad said that most Catholics would say they are against gay marriage because of the meaning of the word marriage, although they would be all for the action of a gay civil untion.


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  • I don't really care if gays marry. There is a compromise it called a civil union. Gays have some legitimate reason to argue the difference between a civil union and marriage. If gays pushed for civil unions not marriage, people would accept that. Just don't call it marriage. Gays push their stupid agenda to the extremes instead of a compromise that would benefit all gays.

    Why? Keeping the gay agenda in the news gets attention. Gays don't want to marry; they just want the attention.

    • So what is the difference between a civil union and marriage?

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    • And without reaction. If you really want to get to the truth, try to look a subject without bias. If you want to continue this conversation, I think we should use messages; this thread is getting pretty long. I enjoy discussions; so, feel free to message me about any other topic. I'll leave you with this, I found in reason magazine. This article pretty much describes or entire discussion. I hope you enjoy reading:


    • They don't want to get married.. But for the ones that DO, they should have to roam around like sick animals and hope they find a decent place that accepts them and the fact they are together..?

  • How do you define it? From a Christian religious standpoint ultimately, yes a lot of scholars and practitioners will say it is. However isn't the Holy Bible (and religion for that matter) preaching to love your brother and one another?

    In terms of politics, I think it should be allowed as governed by the U.S. Because people are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore if they feel marriage between the same-sexes is right for them so be it.

    For other countries I can't comment on it.

    • I definitely agree, but I am just trying to understand why some people are so against gay marriage being legalized. See, I believe in the separation of church and state, but the only arguments I have ever heard are based in religion.

    • Because the other half of the nation is conservative. Majority of Americans are Christian and Christianity define marriage as between a man and a woman. Homosexuality has, since the drawn of man, been considered a vice or looked down upon. Maybe its changing now. We'll see.

  • Because some Christians like to force other people to follow their archaic religion...

    But we all know the bible is true... don't we? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGoYbjzy8-s

  • That damn book is the only thing stopping it. There is absolutely no legitimate reason otherwise.

    • ^^^ The Last 7 Words^^^

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  • I'm all for gay marriage, this is not my reasoning but is an argument I've heard.

    Some people are against it because according to the bible sex is only to be had in order to make children (then why did god make it so pleasurable?) and two men/two women can't produce children through traditional methods therefore they shouldn't participate in said methods. It's pretty much the same reason you're not supposed to have sex outside of marriage - sex's only purpose is to make children and any other use of it is wrong because it's for selfish reasons.

  • I'm not against it at all. I believe that everyone has the freedom to love.

    People have no rights to stop others from pursing happiness. People shouldn't be prejudice against things just because it's not pleasing to their eyes or it's "different," now that's wrong.

    If it makes them happy, then go for it.

    • That is how I feel as well. Sadly, many people strongly disagree, and that is what I am trying to understand.

  • Let 'em get married. It's not gonna hurt anyone.

  • I'm all for gay marriage. I don't believe anyone has the right to tell someone else how to life their life based on their beliefs, NOT facts. The bible is true for some and a work of fiction for others. It's ridiculous to deny people the basic rights just because it's supposedly written in the bible. Lots of things are in the bible that are not followed today, so why should gay marriage be such a big problem? Isn't that contradicting themselves a bit? I mean, if you're going to quote from the bible about gay marriage, then you should also follow all the other rules written in it.

    Personally, if someone is going to convince me gay marriage is wrong, they're going to have to come up with a much bigger logic than that.

    • That is pretty much my question. What other reasons are there that are more logical? All the arguments I have heard in my life are not, imo. I was just trying to understand the other side.

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