Should a girl ask a guy to Marry her or should it be the other way around?


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  • ok I'm 22 so I don't know how much you'll get out of me, but hey...ultimately the guy, IMO, should ask...i mean if I really wanted to marry a girl id go for it. but on the other end, if you REALLY want to marry him, THEN GO FOR IT! you know your relationship the can determine weather you think its a good idea for you guys. Have you talked about marriage at all? do you know if he wants to? I know I would ask a girl to marry me if, one I was in love(obv), 2 I could afford it, 3 I knew we;ve been thru enough troubles/arguments/etc to know that we can last thru anything now. basically its made out to be that the guy should ask, I know I will ask my girl when I'm ready, but if she asked me, id be completely swept off my feet and even more in love with her because she took a big step and did something not many women do..but this is just me - keep that in mind...i would be like wow - she had the guts to do this when its all made out to be a guy thing - I really do love this girl...anyways you're gonna get opinions on this questions here, it all boils down to you're relationship with your partner, if you want something, lock it down and let them know, just make sure the timing is right...hope my opinion gives you a little help - gl!


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  • I don't think it should matter any more...


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  • I have to agree with what everyone said so far.

    Have you seen the movie Proposal with Sandra Bullock? In case you haven't, I don't want to spoilt it, so I'll just say that she proposes a guy in the movie, and it doesn't seem wrong at all in my opinion.

    Having said that, I think there's a certain sense of tradition involved in marriage proposals here. It all depends on how you two view the tradition.

    1) Are you two rather traditional in that do you think a woman proposing a man is not normal?

    2) Or are you two more liberal when it comes to traditions? It is 2010.

    3) Have you discussed anything about marriage?

    4) How long have you been together?

    By discussing about marriage, you can learn how the other person feels about it. You can also feel if that's something the other person has in mind in the near future or not. I know it's a very touchy subject, and I wouldn't dare to discuss it with my current boyfriend of few months.

    I might be rather traditional, but there are younger generations like themastaplan who said that he might be swept off his feet by a girl who he loves if she does something like that because it takes a lot for a girl to do it.

    In any event, think about it for a while and talk if you can. I'm sure you know the best about your relationship and what's best for you both.

    Good luck!


  • guy asks the girl all the way.

    my mom asked my dad to marry her and they have one f***ed up relationship.

    you can point out to the guy that you should get married but not actually get on a knee and propose.

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