If a guy proposed to his girlfriend but she rejected his proposal not once but twice, should he just break up with her?

I think he should cause for (if I wasn't single and try not to judge me) all it takes is one time for a woman to reject my proposal, I would of kindly told her, maybe me and her are better off as being friends and no longer in a relationship... cause I'm looking at it like this if it was the other way around to where if it was the woman's rold to proposed to her boyfriend but he rejected her, she wouldn't wait for him to be ready to agree to marrying her, she would of already broke up with him cause women have too much pride to propose a second time with a guy.

  • A.) Yes he should break up with her
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  • B.) No he shouldn't break up with her
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  • C.) Some women would try for a second time to ask her man to marry her after he turn her town the first time
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  • Yes he should break up with her, she either doesn't care about him or can't care about him


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  • Depends. Some partners are complete idiots about when they propose, such as only dating for a brief time or when they aren't ready yet like when still in school.

  • Yes, of course he should stop pursuing her with immediate effect.