What do I do? I need help!

So I am engaged. and my fiance went to the army. and we have been through a lot. and he told my best friend on Feb 6 of this year there is nobody me interest rest assured on that I am not giving up Sam for another woman. then last night me and him were texting and his sig. was JCs boo bear. and I asked him who that was and he just put dots then I asked if they were going out he put dots again I told him then just break up with me then and he didn't say anything and he won't break up with me. I have been crying since I feel like my heart has been ripped out and torn to pieces. I no I should end it but my love for him is so strong and I would forgive him for everything. I wrote a letter to him explaining how I feel a few days ago but now I don't no if I should even try and send it. I mean it affects my best friend to they were like brother and sister. and I just don't no what to do anymore.. someone help me please

And we have been engaged for half a year


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  • Not sure I understand what your saying here, but why exactly do you think he's cheating or something? Just because his sig was JCs boo bear? IS there something your not saying here? Because if that's the only thing your upset about your kind of overreacting.

    • How is she overreacting? obviously she is not 'JC'. she confronted him about who 'JC' was and he avoided answering. something is definitely up. I would only expect my bf's siggy 2 b 'JCs boo bear' if my initials were JC!

    • I just mean its way too fast to be worried about breakup and having your heart torn to pieces before you've found out whatsup for sure. They are engaged for christs sake I thought that would mean something as far as trust, I can come up with a few decent explanations as to why his sig was set to that, and unless he's really, really stupid he wouldn't set it to that, then txt you if it was something serious. I'm just saying give him the benefit of the doubt until you confront him about it.

    • Well guys he broke up with me for "JC" he says its because family probs so he is going to be with her. makes since don't think so

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  • im sorry. he sounds like an immature dumb ass. I'm sure you can do way better. I'm so sorry. that totally sux. like wow wut a moron 4 him 2 end it like that with u. <3

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