First-Time Bridesmaid for my Best Friend who is a clueless bride... Who's been a bridesmaid in a similar situation?

My best friend and I have know each other since middle school (so almost 15 years) and she got engaged in the spring of last year. I knew I was not going to be her MOH (her sister is her MOH), but I would be head bridesmaid of the other 5 bridesmaids, which is fine by me. Flash forward to now, with the wedding only a few months away and the only thing that all of the bridemaids have been involved in is picking out our dresses, which was over 4 months ago. My best friend's mother and sister have been doing everything behind the scenes and no one has told me what is going on, what there is to do, when the date of the bridal shower and bachelorette party is, what the theme is, etc. The reason I say this is because the 5 bridesmaids have contacted me throughout the past month and a 1/2 wanting to know what is going on and what the latest is with the wedding. I don't even know myself, so I have told them all just that.

On top of the lack of communication from the bride and her family, I found out through a friend (who is not even involved in the wedding) last night, that the bridal party will be responsible for the clean-up after the reception and that since the bride is on such a tight budget, there will be no cleaning crew on hand at the venue site to help out. Has anyone ever heard of or experienced this? I have no problem with helping out with the little things afterwards, but I will not let her force the wedding party into cleaning up an entire reception after her and her future husband leave. I do not even know if their families are helping out to clean.

My worst fear is that this wedding will ruin the friendship I have with the bride, and I do not want that to happen. If things continue the way that they are, I'm afraid that will happen. Thanks.


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  • She obviously has way too much on her mind and with the price of things these days she trying to do her best to cut costs. My advice is take her out for a coffee or lunch and just get her to relax for an hour or so, chances are she's SO worked up and stressed she doesn't know what's going on.
    From there on, have a heart to heart with her about all your issues and problems.
    Communication is key in ANY relationship xxx


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