Affordable non-tradional wedding present?

So a good friend of mine got married today.
We talked for weeks about how I was invited, and because we live a short walk away from each other, he'd just drop by with an invite.
Long story short, that didn't happen, so I got a text at about noon that his wedding was at four :/
it was a lovely service, buddy was stylin, bride was gorgeous, and they're going to Hawaii for a week.
In all the confusion, I didn't get a gift for them before today 😑
Beforehand he told me not to get anything because their place is small and they're getting a lot of gifts, but I'd like to get them a little something before their honeymoon ends next week.
So their place is pretty small, a little apartment in a quadplex.
He's a big Star Wars nerd. I don't know how much of a nerd she is, but the Indiana Jones theme played over their exiting wedding procession.
he's an engineering major, she's in the medical field. They're both pretty outdoorsy and active
I'd like to get them something small and cute I guess. Everyone else probably handled the dishes and mixers and crockpots, and all the other housewarming type stuff, I just want to get them something fun.


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  • Spa gift card


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  • get them a night out at their fav restaurant or a great bottle of their fav drink! They prob don't need anything in their small house! If you want to go a gift route i would say check their registry!


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  • Seeing that you're only 17 I'm guessing the budget not good and with you saying affordable.
    Depending on how much you can spend maybe something for the outdoor activities.
    Or his and her socks.

  • Money in an envelope?

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