How can I calm my wife down when she's upset?

My wife had a bad dream she said she dreamed she was at her grandmas house they just had they're family dinner some of her cousins left but two of them stayed. She said one got really mad over dinner or something he got into his fire truck and drove off. Then he came back. He apologized to everyone then he and her other cousins went in the living room he pulled out a gun and shot them. She was outside when she saw it. Then he shot her grandma and grandpa too then he went after her. She said first started to run down to the neighbors house to get help but then she decided to go and check on them. She went to her grandma and grandpas room first then she went back in the living room she decided to hide under the blanket on the couch but by the time she could he saw her then pointed the gun at her. That's when she woke up. She also said she dreamed that one of her favorite singers got married and had a kid but he's not married I don't think he even has a girlfriend. That made her upset too. She can't get back to sleep she's really scared. She can barely stay awake. She's still tired from yesterday she woke up at 6 didn't get to bed till midnight she's really tired. She goes to her grandmas every other weekend to watch her cousin now she's scared to go back there she knows none of her family would ever do that but she's still scared. How can I comfort her? How can I get her to go back to sleep?


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  • Tell her that dreams are just dreams and they don't represent realities, sooner of later it will stop and she has to understand it.

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