Good pre-wedding text?

A close co-worker is getting married today & I'd like to send her off with a cute message.
I can't creatively put to words though... always sucked at that kind of thing and went almost for the cheesy quotes on google! Help a girl out pls x


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  • " (date of her wedding) is yours and will forever be your day among all the holidays. Yours to keep for the rest of the life you guys will share sung in each others arms and hearts"

    • I'm off today so thats the best I can come up with

    • That was beautiful :-') and not cringe-worthy like the ones you find on the internet that I actually found myself resorting to hahaha (eek!). Really was in need of this as can't seem to creatively express how I feel, but that was very well said. You have a knack for it. Thank you. :-)

    • Your welcome

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