At what age did you find a dream job/career?

(There is some career advice somewhere in here, I guess, so kids can read on.)

I guess what I want to tell everyone is, maybe sometimes in life, when you are lost and down, if you just stay laid back and have faith, perfect things will find their way to you.

I guess when we were growing up, we would study something that seems to interest us or something that seems useful, even though before or ususally after graduation we have no real idea what job we really want to do.
No "career" path.

I guess you could be one of those who go down that path of actually becoming what you set out to do or studied for, like an architect or a lawyer. But I think those professional careers are a quite narrow path, because unless you completely give up that career, you will still be a lawyer at 55 when you were already a lawyer at 25. There is no... transformation.

Or you could be one of those who doesn't really seem to care about working a job they like or have passion for, they will do whatever pays the best money. These people are more about money than dreams. They are happy if there is money. But let's not discriminate against these people.

As for myself, well, I quit a UK top 20 university because that city, and that campus, and that life, was just so so awful, so dreadful. I swear if I had stayed any longer, there would be irrepairable damage to my soul.

I literally just took everything in my dormitory one night and left on a plane to go home.

Anyway, my cousin got me an office clerk summer job that summer in 2008, it was literally exactly like those grey desk cubicle, big floor offices that you see in movies and tv shows. The people were "nice" but seriously uncool, and that company was also extremely uncool. They sold fxxking air conditioner! How more bland can you get?

So I didn't stay after the summer.

And then I went almost 2 years, in 2009 and 2010, without a single job. I didn't even look for one. I gave up.
Those were some really dark years... my mind was going to disturbing places, and looking back I seriously don't even remember what I did at home that got me through those days.

I was thinking, fxxk you I am 22, I have time to waste, I don't need to do shit.

Anyway, towards the end of 2010, the only friend I had got me a sales job at a tiles company.
Fxxking TILES! Yes, the ones that you put on your wall and floor. Fxxk me!


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  • I have found my dream job 2 years ago. At some points I've changed my mind but I went back to the dream job I wanted 2 years ago. I'm hoping to achieve a few years from now. I need a Phd to become a university professor. I'm still working on my way to a Phd. At the same I wanted to have a job a this stage I am at. I really wanted to become a flight attendant during fall of last year, but I was worried that I wouldn't have time to focus on my university work, so I gave up. Too bad because I was going to get well paid, and working in an airplane sounds cool. I guess I would call that a "semi dream job", lol. Maybe once I reach my masters I would apply to teach at a learning institute as a summer job, so I could gain more teaching experience.
    I would love teach in a lecture hall. It's part of my work place goals. I've been there once to take a mid term exam, and I thought it was pretty better than a regular class.


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  • At 27.
    Then I fell ill and the dream job was snatched by a co worker while I was in hospital.


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  • Well when I was 10 until age 14 I wanted to be a Vet. Now I want to be a Homicide detective and I'm going to Go to UTK and study to become a Homicide detective I'll start fall of 2018

    • I was no salesman and that was another grey cubicle sh1t office and sh1t industry.
      I got out after 4 months, because I would rather die than have a career in fxxking tiles.

      Then I went another 6 months without a job.

      Then my mum got me a job at a decent company, it was a healthy and very profitable company and the bosses were seriously rich men.
      The only problem is, they were a minority race from one of the absolute sh1ttiest dirtiest country on earth, and there was just some intense disgust and i guess racism inside of me that wants to get out and stay away from these people. So I left after 8 months even though they were perfectly nice to me and the job was perfectly fine.
      But did I mention they sell cement? Fxxk! Cement! The stuff that you put on pavement and floors. FXXK! This is rock bottom.

      But wait until you hear my next proper job.

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    • Again, they gave me a task that I thought I wasn't capable of doing, but somehow got through it.

      And that single experience, of leading a team, was the one thing that got me my current job. And my current job is just. so. cool.

      Whenever I tell people about it, they all say, wow that must be a really fun and cool job.

      And it is indeed just so perfect. The industry, the boss, the co-worker, the hours, the location, are all just so perfect. (Except the salary)
      I cannot even imagine working in another industry after this.
      There is glamour, fun, beautiful people, coolness, party, entertainment, excitement and everything that is great about life at my job.

    • What I am saying is, chances are, life will give you absolute total sh1t.
      But, if you just keep your head up, keep believing that "I KNOW I AM THE SH1T! I know good things will happen to me" and most importantly, have the balls and dignity to discard things and people that just doesn't sit well with you or who you are, doesn't sit well with what you belive in, or what you want to become, or you can see intuitively that these things and these people will not lead you to greatness, if you just have the dignity to throw away all those bad stuff and people, if you just keep digging away those crap people and crap stuff, you will eventually find that diamond that you know is true and will bring you greatness and happiness.

      I am so glad that at 28, I finally found what you might call, a dream job.

  • I think a month before I turned 18.

  • I've kinda always known what I want to be (a doctor). I was raised in the medical field and I just was so fascinated by it


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  • not everyone is ment for that type of life. i have always been the type of person who likes to fix thing. that's why I'm a mechanic by trade. its rewarding to be able to figure out what is wrong and repairing it. this job isn't right for everyone but for me it was my dream job. you just have to find out what yours is and go for it

  • I have my dream job... I'm a pilot for a major airline, travel the world! Adventure, fun and as a bonus the chics dig the uniform!