Should I let him know that I know he's married or get it out of him?

So I was talking to this guy & a couple of months later I found out he was married. I cut him off but he called me the other day on Skype. I didn't see until now & I wrote him. I know he's going to ask me what happened & why I stopped talking to him but should I tell him why? I'm pretty sure he knows that I know.


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  • Well if he knows that you know he is married then why would he ask you why you stopped talking to him? so either he has no clue that you know the truth because one can't assume why a person is not talking to the other right, there can be many reasons, so either he doesn't know that you know the truth or he wants you to tell him that you know the truth.

    I think you should get the truth out of him, I mean ask questions in such a way that he himself tells you the truth, but then that will not be an actual confession because you made him say the truth, he didn't tell you the truth out of his will, so there was an intention to hide the truth from you and which is not something that's good. I am sure as a woman you don't appreciate that, and plus I am sure it will be hard for you to trust him again.

    I think you should cut off all contact from him, don't respond for any reason whatsoever.

    • I'm saying I think he has a feeling that I know but he's going to ask to see if I do. I'm just going to be straightforward with him & tell him. I already blocked his # & blocked him on my social networks. He only had me on Skype, I hardly ever get on it. I don't care about trusting him again because I am done with him. After this, I'm done with him for good. Thanks for your advice!

    • That's okay.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • You should just tell him, no point in waiting for someone to answer you- I'd be more wanting to see what he says next after I tell him about what I knew.

    • Thanks for your advice. I'm just going to be straightforward with him so I can just put it behind me. I'm just so angry, like how could you do that to your wife & kids. Hopefully I don't blow up on him, even though he deserves it.

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  • Yes tell him then say go home to your wife loser!!!

  • Yeah tell him and then stop talking to him.

    • That's what I plan on doing.

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