This question is for India who are on this site?

As I am Indian as I am 21 years and virgin too. I know I have seen many Indian girls and guys. I want to ask you a question like me I am so frustrated about sex I only know when I marry then I can get sex with ma arrange marriage wife. So do you people have sexual frustration or you have done sex. Are u virgin or now. as we all know our culture doesn't promote sex thing like we don't have western culture. As here I can see many western do sex with there different girl friend or they do friend with benifit.


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  • India is a very diverse country, yes what you are saying is right, but I think in metro cities of India, things are a little different at least, "METRO" cities are not so traditional, metro cities I guess are quite modern, the people are quite modern there but yes still I agree with you by and large India is a traditional country still!! and I think that's just the way our culture is in my opinion being an Indian there is very little freedom in our culture.

    Now to answer your question, No, I have always been single and I don't believe in having sex, and I have absolutely no desire for having sex and so I have never had sex in my lifetime. Yes I am asexual and I am proud of it.

    Yes, I am a virgin, 100% a virgin and I have decided to remain a virgin till death!!.

    • Sorry brother I can't give you MHO it take time n that true about it I am from Delhi (HARYANVI) I AM virgin too which I proud I have to wait until marriage. I am single too. When I was in ma school days I have some girl who have a crush on me but I was invol in these thing but now I feel something different but the way you answered me I get more courage to hold up ma harmons. Thanks

  • What would you do if u didn't like the arranged one and couldn't get it up? I think u should always try before u buy lol

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