Cheated on my wife with our babysitter?

(disregard my age, it is actually 27). So, last weekend, my wife went to go see her in laws. I decided to stay home to take care of our 3 year old son. Since I was busy with work, I hired a babysitter (Krista) to feed him, and put him to bed at the right time. After finishing work, I went downstairs to make sure she fed my son and put him to bed. After seeing him sound asleep, I went to the kitchen to drink some wine. I offered Krista some wine too and we ended up having sex in our room while my son was asleep.

What do I do now? Should I just fire Krista and find someone else and act like nothing happened?

Krista is 21 by the way.


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  • You need to fire Krista and tell your wife. She may want a divorce but that's on you for having an affair.
    If you're actually sorry about it, which you don't really seem to be at all, you need to tell your wife and apologize.


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  • Well, you sure know your way around alcohol and holding yourself back man. Tell your wife, it's proper punishment for yourself and she deserves to know. And never get close to alcohol again if that and a woman is all it took to sleep with another girl.


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  • You should just fire her. And tell your wife what happened. And alcohol is just an excuse.

  • Fire Krista, tell your wife, and hopefully she finds someone who isn't so weak willed.

  • why did you post this twice and change the names?


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