We broke up and now he proposed?

My boyfriend and I broke up because I caught him talking to another girl ( not sleeping with just talking) and instead of him trying to work it out and talk to me. He broke up with me but we still live together and neither one of us is gonna move anytime soon we are really good friends. We are planning a trip and taking our mothers to Vegas next weekend and the other day he ask me if I am going to marry him when we take our trip to Vegas? I'm confused? What the hell is wrong with him or is it me? of course I said no and not because I don't love him but because I think marriage is a big step and I don't know if he is ready or myself for that matter. Any good advice, please?


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  • G'day,

    I think you've overshot the mark there mate - he was probably taking the p*ss when he mentioned getting married in Vegas, sarcasm is great fun, except when it saild over somenes head.

    As for breaking if off (Caused by either one of you) because he was talking to another girl sounds like a huge over-reaction. Now if he was decribng what he'd do to her in the sack given half the chance - sure, probably a good reason. If it was just polite conversation though then you've really got to harden up princess.

    In short, learn how to both use and detect sarcasm, and learn also how to deal with your boyfriend talking to other people / women besides you.

    Good luck - you might need it.

    • Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it .

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