Guys, Why does he say we will get married but hasn't asked?

My boyfriend and I have been together 3 years next month. We have lived together for two years and have a one year old son together. I relationship hasn't been an easy one. When we met he traveled for work and I would only see him every month or so for a week at a time. When things started to get more serious I had learned that he was seeing another girl at his job when he was out on the road. I approached him about it and he admitted it to me but stated that he was raedy to settle with just me. I agreed to start freash. When he left again after that to go on his rotation he quit and decided to move in with me a get a job locally with a BIG pay decrease. Over the next year I had problems with him talking to other girls online... he swears to me that he never physically touched anyone else. SInce then things have been going great we have bought a home together and he told me that once we moved and settled in we would get married. we have been here for 6months now and everytime i bring up marriage he gets all touchy as I call it and doesn't want to tak about it. I love this man with all my heart but if he can't give his whole heart to me I will have to let him go. How do I approach this issue with him without him feeling pressured?


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  • It sounds like he has a history of not truly being able to commit. This is just another sign of it. You need to say look we have a kid and a house and I love you. I need to get married. It's a big deal for me & if that isn't going to happen I have to seriously consider what this relationship means/is for us. Guys need explicit straight forward, don't hint just say it.

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