Is it true you'll marry someone like your mom?

So I hear all the time your gonna marry some one like your mom I don't think this is true but there that little doubt that shows up I have 2 moms ( I'm adopted so I'm away form first mom) the one I was born to was incredible apusive locked me in a car for 6 hour in 105 dagree weather so she could go fuck a guy to get pregnant again and get more money form the government me I'm trying to become a wildlife biologist images if the state your gonna get married to someone like your mom could you Imagen coming home to a women like her seeing the kids beaten and starved or the 2nd bible women yes she a true mom. But I would want to marry someone who wouldn't shut up about god every conversation my adopted mom god is in the conversation problem is I don't really be leave in god so that wouldn't work so if the statement who marry so if the statement to marry someone like your mom to marry someone like your mom it sounds like I'm pretty screw a over the top bible girl or an abuse girl who will beat and starve our kids if this statement in 100% true
not saying it is but ya Ima end here

and sorry guys in highly dislexic ask me history or science I could answer comes to you how to spell a word I can't I'm like teddy Roosevelt.


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  • Not always.
    Some guys marry girls that are different in culture and they use the argument, "Why can't you be more like her." Etc

    So , no you don't marry someone exactly like your mom.

    If you know yourself well enough, you will marry who fits you /suits you.

    If you are into the idea of wife staying home, then don't go marrying a girl who wants to work full time and build her career.

    Know yourself.

    P. S do you do anything for dyslexia?
    My brother is in 1st grade and has symptoms of it.

    He gets confused with words like was /saw.

    • Unfortunately there really not any cute for it but he's gonna be a auditory Learner I'm in collage right now and I use autobook spelling and that age they normally get confused but I but he'll get use to it first grade you learn words like cat dog just help him with the spelling and have him write words ten times a day for a week that he struggles on and he should have the spelling memorized least that helps me

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  • If that's true I'd shoot my "Love Me" with a gun
    Me and mom are opposites xD


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  • it isn't true.
    i know i don't want to marry someone like my dad.

  • I think this is true especially if you admire your mother.


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  • Well some guys may think like that, but I don't believe that's true at all. Majority of the guys will not have such a thinking.