Religious/traditional G@Gers how do you decide who you will marry?

What questions would you discuss?
Will you wait to ask those questions right away or after how long?


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  • I'll ask him about the deen first and foremost - does he pray. Maybe he'll say yes and act extra religious in front of my dad to impress him lol. But one thing I learnt from a friend was to ask him about the difference in nafl prayers and various other prayers like tahhajud. If he prays regularly then he will know about those

    Then I'll ask him about his education to see how qualified he is. I'm getting a degree so ideally I'd like someone who had one so there is some compatibility but if not then its not a serious issue, it would just give me something to talk about, e. g. our experiences at university

    Further to this, I would ask him about his hobbies to see whether we have any in common, if not then we can learn from each other or adopt each other's hobbies.

    I'll also him a few random questions to see his opinion on things and whether it matches mine or not

    Lastly, does he know how to cook? Cause I don't and the only thing I know how to cook would be rice and lentils (my favourite) and mango lassi :P


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  • I have decided never to get married in my lifetime.

  • future goals.


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  • Hello I'm Muslim.
    And the main way I would discuss marriage is that I would obviously ask about the dudes relationship with God or what he thinks of the Divine, etc.
    Next ask about educational background, work, family, finance, then ask about his hobbies, etc.
    Basically get to know him.
    Then ask him what exactly is he looking for in a wife and he asks me vice versa.

    • I had no idea

      Assalamu Alaikum :)

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    • Yes alhamdulliah they seem satisfied with their spouse. :) Allah takes care of His believers. :)

    • That's nice to know :)
      jazak'allahu khair :)