Chances of a child getting a birth defect from a cousin offspring is over exaggerated after reading these scholarly articles do you feel the same way?

the result is still not considered large enough to discourage cousins from having children, said Dr. Arno Motulsky, a professor emeritus of medicine and genome sciences at the University of Washington, and the senior author of the report.


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  • Why would you want to have children with your cousin?


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  • It's still gross to sleep with a cousin and it has a biological impact because the child is automatically born with a lowered immune system.
    Humans are supposed to mate with someone they aren't related to because they can pass on two different genetic traits. Those traits will carry the combined immunities of both parents. When only one group of immunities is passed on the child will be weaker to the newer flu and cold viruses. Or any other diseases.

    • Perhaps you should actually read the articles even a doctor from Washington said chances are very little.

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    • Also, these sorts of things have actually been studied on lab rats multiple times and the results are always the same.

    • it depends on the disease too like for example if you have Alzheimer the chances of passing it on to your offspring increases if you have sex with a cousin.