Why won't her husband let us be friends?

My best friend's husband won't let us hang out at all. My bff helped me get good grades in college, and introduced me to my exes. Her exes were cool with us hanging out. Why won't her husband let us hang out? We're platonic friends who never kissed or had sex or dated. He even got mad at me when my friend hugged me.


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  • Because he probably feels she is too close to you or maybe he just doesn't trust you.


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  • Insecure, jealous, and/or possessive. If you absolutely are purely platonic, it might be worth sitting down with him man to man and hammering that point home. Your friend, in your defense, should also let him know that she can be friends with whomever she wants, right? It does get tricky b/c they are married, but if all you're doing is hanging out, the husband is going to have to get over that.

  • Jealous


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