No sure what to do with the new opportunity?

hi you all once again i have to ask for some advice. sorry for the long post.

I am currently a junior survey engineer on quit a big project. for the last three years i have studied further and worked my butt of to get n better position. on this projects promotion does not come often. In last week i got the opportunity of a life time, I was offered a position as acting/chief survey engineer of one of the leading company’s on this site. me and my wife spoke about this in the last year and she was more excited about the day of promotion then i was, coz we will have to move to a other town About 160km away and her mother (that is currently staying with us) would have to stay behind. she told me that she wanted to start a new life together and build on our own "life story". now that i have got the opportunity she is weird about it on day she will cry all day and the next she want to go again. she and her mother stayed together for 23 years her whole life and now she need to move. she knew this would happen and was fine about it, now that it’s here she makes me feel like the ass in the tail and makes me feel like i am trying to rip them apart. moving is part of the offer the company gave me and it a take it or leave it situation. she says that her mother will be alone and have financial problems but i did told her that i will give a R4000 allowance to her mom every month and we can visit as much as possible but she still stay sad. please help what should i do?


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  • As women we are very emotional especially when it comes down to our mothers. But she is married and she has to move on with her marriage. It's kind of selfish because you still offering to take care of her mom


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